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About Us

A Powerful Tool for Health & Well-Being

Halcyon Bodyworks was created by Crystal Threlkld. Originally working as a solo massage therapist Crystal realized she could only help a limited amount of people. Pam McKenzie a seasoned and talented massage therapist inspired her to expand the massage business. Pam, with almost 20 years of massage experience, asked to work with Crystal and the collective began.

Realizing they’re better together the collective grew when other gifted massage therapists found Halcyon Bodyworks. Together the team provides massage as a tool for relaxation and healing.

If you are looking for a massage in Bend, Oregon, you will be glad you came to Halcyon Bodyworks.

Behind the name, what is the legend of Halcyon?

under the sheets

Amethysts Are Everywhere

Well at least at Halcyon Bodyworks. Each massage table is layered with a bed of amethysts, it’s called an amethyst BioMat. Simply lying on our massage tables promotes a feeling of well-being. BioMats have been shown to relax muscles, increase local cirulation where applied, relieve minor muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness and pain associated with arthritis and overall calms the central nervous system.


Meet Our Massage Therapists

Crystal Threlkeld, L.M.T

Lic #19362

Crystal attended Central Oregon Community College where she studied massage therapy in Bend Oregon. Since then she has taken a variety of continuing education classes in the field of massage and sports therapy, and has many hours of practice refining her touch. She is the lead practitioner at Halcyon and her modality of choice is treatment massage for chronic and acute pain. If you find yourself physically uncomfortable due to a recent or old injury she is well versed in pain reduction. 

Comfortable with all people, Crystal is body postitive and client focused.

Her style incorporates blending therapeutic massage with information on how to feel better and continue healing in between treatment sessions. Your wellness goals are her priority. Crystal’s mission is to provide a holistic approach, making each session unique to suit her client’s individual needs.

Her regular clients express that she has a great blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques.

Pam McKenzie, L.M.T

Lic #21675

Pam studied massage at Western Institute of Neuromuscular (WIN) Therapy in Laguna Hills, California, and graduated in Spring 2003. The 1000-hours program focused the last 500 hours on Deep Tissue and Trigger point therapy, with sports maintenance, injury rehabilitation and flexibility/ROM as highlights. While finishing her studies, she began a 13.5 year career at Burke Williams Day Spa in Orange, CA.  In addition to being a Massage Therapist, delivering more than 12,000 services, she taught seminars for deep tissue and tested new staff on practical skills. Pam’s continuing education has included: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, MyoFascial Release, Ampuku* Psoas release, Strain-Counterstrain Technique, and Reiki.

As ’empty nesters,’ Pam and her husband moved to Bend in 2015. The outdoor lifestyle provides many opportunities for recreational activity. On days off, you may find her walking the dogs on the River Trail, hiking the Cascades, paddling kayaks, or simply performing QI Gong in the front yard.

From hockey players to hockey fans,  ‘office endurance athletes’ to triathletes, frozen shoulder, aching back, surgical rehab, or just plain sore?  Come try this unique style of bodywork for restoration and balance.

Jennifer Morey, L.M.T

Lic #22016

 Jennifer is both a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Bars Facilitator. Her interest in bodies and how they work goes back a long time. She played sports from elementary school all the way through college. Her education started in Pennsylvania where she studied Kinesiology. Then while attending grad school, she felt compelled to go to massage school in Colorado. Competitive kettlebell lifting as well as Olympic and powerlifting also added to Jennifer’s body education. Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Colorado really changed her life.

She has been helping people with their bodies since 2005. The massage techniques Jennifer employs most often could be described as a relaxing deep tissue treatment. The next major thing to change her life is Access Consciousness. Through this work, she has gained a plethora of tools to help people change things going on with their bodies! Access Bars specifically is an extremely dynamic energetic body process. This simple and effective process can change anything you can imagine! How does it get better better than that!?

Isata Massaquoi, L.M.T.

Lic #023453

I was adopted from Sierra Leone at the age of eight. I grew up in Central Oregon and graduated from the Sage School of Massage. I specialize in providing my clients with massage therapy plans that help increase their mobility and quality of life.

I have practiced massage in all types of wellness spaces: physical therapy, chiropractic, and spas. Central Oregon is such a beautiful place to live and work, and I enjoy working with local and visiting clients.

I view my profession as my unique opportunity to help others, and I am honored to be able to share my culture through the power of massage.


What Clients are Saying

Pam McKenzie’s evaluation skills, attunement, certifications in fitness method, skill set, precise technique, vision for long term therapy, holistic thinking are extraordinary

I have found much needed help for the serious neck and back issues caused by the car accident. True therapeutic massage is found here! Crystal is the most amazingly effective massage therapist I’ve ever gone to. And her table is the most comfortable table to lie on – she is so good at tending to my personal needs to help me find comfort even in the midst of serious neck and back issues.

Kambry, Crystal and Pam are all amazing! I’ve been struggling with neck issues after an accident and each of these great ladies has helped me tremendously. I seriously can’t decide which one is my favorite, so I’ll probably keep rotating. Thank you Halcyon Bodyworks!

halcyon bodyworks

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